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Sekal has to die


The story takes place in 1943 in Moravia under the protectorate of “Böhmen und Mähren”, which was established after the occupation of Czechoslovakia. As the village of Lokotice is not occupied by the Germans, the horrors of the war have apparently no impact on everyday life. Nevertheless, the villagers are living in the fear of Sekal, the natural son of one of them. Youra Baran, pursued by the Gestapo took refuge in this small village, where people show him a tenacious distrust. Paralyzed by the fear of losing their property, the rich farmers make a decision: Sekal must die… They choose Youra, the foreigner, to kill him. Sekal is not an easy opponent. Youra kills him and dies beside his victim – the farmers won’t help him, they do not wish to have witness…