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Following the war

Adaptation of “La Douleur” (translated as “The War”) by Marguerite DURAS
A film by Karin ALBOU
France 1945 Thérèse awaits the return of ther husband Andre, deported to Buchenwald for taking part in the French Resistance. During his years of captivity, she has an erotic affair with her husband’s best friend, Elia. Haunted by morbid images, she hopes her husband is still alive though she does not believe so. And yet he comes back on the point of death. From then on she struggles each day to bring Andre back to life, she strips off herself, giving away all her belongings and comforts. Once her husband is out of danger, she allows herself to live and imagine a future between Andre she will never be able to separate from and Elia who promises her love and children.